Saturday, September 19, 2009

im breakin into yo house
Got my goonz on yo wifey
killed yo damn kidz,bloodstainz on ma nikez
bangin'on yo block,so hood when i fight it
Uptown in a hooptie,smokin on a doobie
Shotgun on yo chest better tell what the truth iz
The best british kid,
came through the wire like kanye west did
Doin'everythin' the way MALCOLM X did
the hottest in the hood
niggaz on my back doing everythin the could
i love the game but i never been settled
I'm in then im out like a dick in a uterus
500 Gz got my dick in a uterus
weed smoke in my brainz but i still smell the clitorus
85 degreez im hot like a oven
Kill yo whole clique and never try to get even
I make rain like my fingerz got sprinklers
Shining like the starz ,so, you can call me twinklerz
Aim for the headz but i shot through they fittedz
Niggaz on my dick like a baby on some titiz
Jersey to the fullest
And if yall niggaz cool then i guess im the coolest
I stack paperz ,just bought a folder
Knock yo head off right off yo fukin shoulderz
Death to the Autotunes and fuck lil wayne
Swimming in the drug,needlez in my veinz
Rainbow colorz on my motherfuckin chain...
i keep a 9 in the freezer
Spittin out shit that cutz niggazz like a scissor..
lil roc im the best...bitch!!!!!!!!!!!1

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