Wednesday, September 23, 2009

5 gunz, 5, bagz 5 niggaz,5 chickenz on my lap
5 cribz, 5 whipz ,5 clipz , 5 streetz, 5 safez to stash my gwap
its all about this 5 shit...
im stabbin niggaz, necks slit
poppin'em like face zits
niggaz on the block sellin trash talkin same shit
Roc im the king or the most feared general
nine on my waste like the new york criminalz
pay what you owe or its gon be a straight funeral
killed more niggaz than world war
blow your head off then brainz on the back door
spitt your hottest shit or you bound to downfall
hussle everyday bought a nine for my troublez
spare not a thing so F the wordz in the bible
shuckles on my neck waitin on the gobble
the game iz mine the gold in minez
And when you get bread then the water iz wine...

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