Saturday, August 8, 2009

lil roc, p-smoke thats all you can call me
sittin in the backyard smoking with ma homies
give abitch number but bitch dont call me
cash rules everything arond me
creamm get the mone dollar dolla billz yall
fool's doing dishes till the bottom of the sink falls
gat the game on smash...
squabble with rappers like 50 and rick ross
if iit ain't about swag then i grind for the quick cash
lil roc man i do i
you can talk shit but try not to come n kidd I
cuz i cut yo head off then wrapp it in a levi
world's most wanted but the copz never cease I
coz i be kept in a cage like a hamster
shred niggers in pieces then in the dumpster
The goblin, the beast, the strong-ass martian
got two birdz ,one blak one asian
and the shit i does yall cats never cease that
yall false neegaz even stevie wonder sees that
downtown ballin
fake niggaz fallin
bullet-in yo skull bitch- nigger quit stallin
so uncool like lupe
bitches on my dick im like touche
And right now im leaving like deuces

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