Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I eat emceez like a motherfuckin' predator
My floor so sick you gon need a 100 janitors
Am on my rap shit but my blues mo' better
I shred fake niggaz in pieces like Cheddar
Tryna get ma shine on...
Tryna get my kidz home
And you don't smoke herre we might be in the kidz'zone
I be doing a lot mushrooms more than supermario
Keep the heat up don't let that bitch cool it yo
The most consinstance doing raps out of studios...
and ted is yo death wish
Raps so fly they be doing back flips
And don fuckin dream i be in the matrix
Hulk is my bodyGuard
Yo mom is my bootycall
Cut yo head off then roll it down like a bowling ball
so fuckin high
God is my neighbour
Crazy-ass nigga wishing death to the fakers..
.....and Oh yea BYE HATERS...

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