Monday, June 15, 2009

I could turn this all bitch into a big pile of bricks
And i don't smoke weed i smoke redwood trees
Making niggaz walk stiff like they ain't got no knees
Explode in yo face like a open bottle of soda
Better yet, tilt your head back like you caught a nose bleed
Or ama fucked it up making you sniff on acid
Lil'roc am the shit you niggaz' garbage
And ma lyrics go tight like my BITCH' pussy when she on rampage...
Man, iam grind so hard till your bones shrink in yo veins
Crazy british nigger flowing like am on a chain
And you don't wanna twitch with agun in yo face
Cause evrey twitch that you make is a bullet in yo head
Ama grill yo ass up make yo skin turn brown like kentucky fried chicken
and then you talk shit tryna get yo ass even
any time you get me mad
ama rip a hole in your chest then squeeze yo small heart
instead of ya neck
lil'rock so hood
and i got yo ass broke like the old spines do

Lyrics by Lil'Roc

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