Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Who wanna fuck with ted
I'll catch them sleepinn at night
and Twist em in that bed spread
Spread them brains like par-kay,
Allie you okay.
Bring out da Guns like chucky
'Do you wanna play'
hommies call me teddy
But i be on my grizzly shit
If you get too close to the speaker
You just might feel me shit
Shit on all yall
Damn a nigga ain't got no toilet paper
Baby gurl just spent it all.
I guess i gotta fuckin pace her.
OD, DSM i know you heard of us.
cause just the other night you and ya boyz got scurrd of us
Like mut we full of everything
you could see if in my veins
So don't try an test da odds
Cause there's nothing to gain

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