Tuesday, December 1, 2009

i feel pain when i eat
And its hell of bloodstainz on ma shirt when i feed
And im leaving hell of rappers underground when i quit
Got a bird from the future
Kill ya god-son take ya dope then i shot ya
And if you fight back then ma goonz gon hurt ya
i grind for the bread
Ma flow so sick like a fuckin jailbead
Kill ya whole fuckin click leave ya whole bodies spread
You payin up when the gunz out
Or we shootin whole day till the whole paper comes out
Got a black president ,Got green presidents
And i don't fuckin beef when its on im in ya residence
Blueberry kush, 500 british poundz
spit a full clip to ya motherfuckin face
And i stay gucci fresh
better yet when i die its gon be a Gucci caskets

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